Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and DBE


DBE is committed to working in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and maintains a dialogue with regional and national authorities, as well as broader stakeholders to ensure social best practice. DBE also works in a proactive way on environmental management.

DBE is working according to the Equator Principles as well as specific requirements and interpretations of Malawian Legislation as provided by the Department of Environmental Affairs.

DBE is actively engaged with our local communities and invests in community-based initiatives to support sustainable development in the region.

Our social responsibility commitments include:

Engagement with all stakeholders

Conduct business in a transparent manner

Understanding of the specific challenges

Investing in the local community

Community and Stakeholder Engagement


DBE invests in education, making meaningful positive impacts for the local communities. By investing in education and understanding the challenges for the region.

Employment and Training

We employ people from the local area whenever possible. The personnel employed from the local community on DBE's operations include fieldwork assistants, road construction workers, construction specialists, and security guards.

We are determined to maximise the potential of the local community by supporting skill development in the infrastructure development sector. Malawian artisans, graduate engineers, technologists, technicians as well as local people have received training.

Regional Development & Support

DBE has assisted with the development of infrastructure in the Mchinji district. Three bridges have been refurbished, helping the local community. This work facilitates the connection of the district's primary schools.

Access to water has been improved by the installation of new water monitoring boreholes and water pumps, benefiting communities surrounding the monitored areas. DBE has also restored an additional 4 water pumps and boreholes in the same area.


DBE is committed to conducting all activities in an environmentally responsible manner and remains committed to always working within local regulatory requirements as well as international best practice principles. The application of the International Finance Corporation's (IFC) performance standards form the framework of environmental management for the company.

Being committed to understanding the surrounding environment in which DBE operates, thorough baseline environmental and social studies are undertaken to investigate any environmental and social sensitivities which may be affected by DBE operations. These studies include biodiversity, hydrological, geohydrological, air quality, social, health and heritage studies.

When conducting environmental baseline studies, we rely heavily on local specialists who have local knowledge in their respective fields to ensure successful recording of any potentially sensitive features. All baseline environmental studies are incorporated into relevant assessments and impacts mitigated to within acceptable and legal limits.

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